AbiWord v2.6.4 ChangeLog




  • Bug 11527: Uninitialized variables used in the collaboration plug-in (Marc Maurer)
  • Bug 11587: Crash on start-up with an invalid or unreachable collaboration server (Marc Maurer)
  • Bug 11654: Crash when saving to the AbiCollab.net web service (Marc Maurer)
  • Add a back-end for the AbiCollab.net web service [not enabled by default] (Marc Maurer)
  • Allow hyperlinks to be used with the collaboration plug-in (Martin Sevior)
  • Encrypt all data transferred to the collaboration traffic router (Marc Maurer)
  • Fix a bug that caused instant disconnects when connecting with the TCP back-end (Marc Maurer)
  • Fix a few issues that occurred when users disconnected from shared documents (Marc Maurer)
  • Fix some crashes caused by disconnecting from a shared document (Marc Maurer)
  • Implement a password dialog for the collaboration plug-in (Marc Maurer)
  • Large clean-up of the collaboration plug-in (Marc Maurer)
  • Make sure glib threads are always initialized (Marc Maurer)


  • Bug 11599: Crash when changing page size with a list in the document (Martin Sevior)
  • Bug 11694: TOC leader dots non-wysiwyg (Martin Sevior)
  • Prevent a few crashes in the layout code by changing asserts (sum1)
  • Prevent a few crashes with broken tables (sum1)



  • Bug 10863: Remove non-table toolbar items from the table toolbar (sum1)
  • Bug 11632: Underline button is missing from the format toolbar (sum1)
  • Correct a message regarding font inclusion and exclusion in AbiWord.Profile (sum1)


  • Bug 9461: Changes made via keyboard input are not saved in the font dialog (Robert Staudinger)
  • Bug 9882: Margin settings should allow two significant digits (sum1)
  • Bug 11222: AbiWord's menu item tooltip is not HIG-compliant (sum1)
  • Bug 11350: GObject signal warnings on exit (Robert Staudinger)
  • Bug 11583: Pressing escape in the find/replace dialog performs a find/replace before closing (sum1)
  • Bug 11617: Tab labels in preferences dialog don't use localized strings (Benno Schulenberg)
  • Bug 11664: Poor font rendering with no DISPLAY device (Martin Sevior)
  • Bug 11668: Inconsistent text rendering and layout with different zoom levels (Martin Sevior)
  • Bug 11683: Pango assertion failure warning (Martin Sevior)
  • Fix an issue with broken menus when both the Paint and GOffice plug-ins are enabled (Jean Brefort)


  • Bug 11290: Remove the cursor blink preference since AbiWord uses the control panel setting instead (sum1)



  • Bug 11595: Add the ability to export specific pages and page ranges in the PostScript and PDF exporters (Dominic Lachowicz)
    • Sample command: abiword <file> --to=pdf --exp-props="pages:1-5,7-9"


  • Bug 11629: Formatting not preserved on blank lines (Martin Sevior)
  • Fix an invalid XML issue that occurred when a chart or equation was missing a width attribute (sum1)


  • Fix a transparent color check in the exporter (sum1)

Microsoft Write

  • Fix a few crashes triggered by the corrupt documents from libmswrite's suite (sum1)


  • Bug 10721: Import inline MathML from OpenDocument files (sum1)
  • Bug 10872: Exported footnotes lose formatting when imported (sum1)
  • Bug 11239: Tabs move to the beginning of the line during export (sum1)
  • Bug 11609: AbiWord creates an invalid OpenDocument file when there's a bullet inside of a footnote or endnote (sum1)
  • Fix a crash when exporting broken text boxes (sum1)
  • Fix a styles-related crash when importing ucf-headings.odt (sum1)
  • Fix two crashes that could occur with missing list attributes (sum1)
  • Prevent a few potential styles-related crashes during import (sum1)

OpenOffice.org (sxw)

  • Bug 11686: AbiWord fails to import sxw and stw documents that lack a mimetype file (sum1)


  • Fix a few crashes when exporting broken text boxes (sum1)


  • Bug 9729: Readme.abw displays with spelling and grammar squiggles (sum1)
  • Bug 11189: Document and application icons switched on Windows (Ryan Pavlik)
  • Bug 11596: Package a libgthread DLL for the collaboration plug-in (Ryan Pavlik)
  • Bug 11639: Package a libsoup DLL for the collaboration plug-in (Ryan Pavlik)
  • Bug 11641: Create a single Windows installer [not enabled by default] (Ryan Pavlik)
  • Bug 11642: Register the .abicollab file extension on Windows (Ryan Pavlik)
  • Simplify file association options (Ryan Pavlik)


  • Bug 9733: Bad pt-PT translation of styles menu item (Benno Schulenberg)
  • Bug 11624: Updated zh-CN translation (Xun Sun)


  • Bug 11483: AbiWord fails to compile when libxml2 is built without legacy support (sum1)
  • Bug 11605: libabiword fails to build from outside of the source directory (Fabian Sturm)
  • Add a few missing breaks and returns (sum1)
  • Add a missing include (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Add the ability to ignore asserts on Linux (Marc Maurer)
  • Change permissive compiler flags on Windows (Marc Maurer)
  • Disable some verbose debug messages (Marc Maurer)
  • Fix some compiler warnings in the math plug-in (sum1)
  • Fix some debug messages in the collaboration plug-in (Marc Maurer)
  • Fix some incorrect asserts in the collaboration plug-in (Marc Maurer)
  • Fix some missing return warnings (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Fix the collaboration plug-in build on Windows (Marc Maurer)
  • Maintain and release 2.6.4 (Marc Maurer)