AbiWord v3.0.3 Release notes

AbiWord 3.0.3 address several issues with recent version of Gtk+.


Translation updates and fixes:

  • Slovak
  • Albanian


Fixes in the core (all platforms)

Various build fixes:

  • Fix various dependency checks: libical3. (#13881), don't check libecal.
  • Do not #include evolution-data-server with C linkage. Fixes #2 and https://bugs.gentoo.org/690162
  • Initialize gtk in the tests to prevent crashing.
  • Add libasan support at configure time.
  • Bug 13819 - Remove nullptr as we don't require C++11 - a regression introduced in 3.0.2.

Various crash fixes:

  • Fix a runtime error (integer overflow).
  • Fix a bad static_cast.
  • Fix various memory allocation mismatch: GError but use g_error_free instead> Do not delete[] strings allocated with g_malloc() (Fixes #13834)
  • Bug 13826 - Various out of bounds reads.
  • Bug 13827 - Fix overflow read in PNG.

Linux / Gtk

Fixes specific to the Linux or Gtk+ version

  • Added appstream AppData file (Bug 13672)
  • Bug 13904 - Fix touch pad scrolling
  • Fix various issues in the stylist dialog
  • Fix flickering and other redrawing issues. (Bug 13791, Bug 13815)