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AbiWord on Maemo is basically AbiWord with some UI adjustements to fit on a tablet device. This will explain the difference from a development point of view.


UI changes

The problem is the size of the screen.


No status bar, no rulers, one toolbar.

Simplified menus

AbiWord as far too many options to reasonably fit on the estate provided by the small screen. It is a pocket device after all. So a good set of menu items have been removed.

Simplified Toolbar

Also with only one toolbar, the content have to be simplified to the strict minimum.

The toolbar layout is declared in src/wp/ap/xp/ap_TB_Layouts_SimpleOps.h

Other changes

Grammar won't be available, and only a limited set of extension are being build into the binary. For now. OpenDocument, Microsoft Office OpenXML and SVG are the one supported.


See Compiling AbiWord on Maemo

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