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Building AbiWord on Maemo.

This page is work in progress.


Maemo 4.1 - Diablo

Install the SDK and the dev tools. See and

The Nokia binary packages are NOT needed. You can stick to Free Software.

Install the provided dependencies

Make sure you have the following sources in /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb diablo free non-free
deb-src diablo free

This should be enough. In scratchbox do:

apt-get install libfribidi-dev librsvg2-dev libgsf-1-dev

(you need to do it for each targets).

Build or install other dependencies

You need libwmf and wv (the former needed by the later).

From source

Installing libwmf require gsfonts (TODO: fix that, it is big)

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

From binaries

The binaries will be available from

Building AbiWord

Unpack the source tarball OR checkout from SVN. The later is prefered as for the former, packages will be provided.

I build the same source on both plain GNOME and Maemo.

Here is my configure line for Maemo:

../configure --disable-shared --enable-debug --enable-embedded=hildon --disable-maintainer-mode --enable-shave

Explanation: In order: static build, enable debug (don't use for the packages), enable hildon (the flavour of Gtk for Maemo), disable maintainer mode (because the host native build takes care of it) and enable shave for the pretty uncluttered output.

Running AbiWord

To start AbiWord, make install, and then do after having started scratchbox: ./src/abiword

If you get an error about D-Bus ("failed to read machine uuid"), try:

dbus-uuidgen --ensure
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